9 tips how to get more people to follow you on Twitter

Twitter can be an excellent way to promote your business and create greater awareness of your brand. It can, however, be an absolute chore getting people to follow you, and without followers your tweets will go unheard. The world’s second largest social media site and its potential can often go untapped by people and organisations […]

Get the picture? How to make Pinterest work for your business

With its 25 million unique monthly visitors Pinterest is no longer the new social network around, nor is it a fad – it’s here to stay and it’s growing rapidly. It is actually the fastest growing social media site ever. Pinterest has already become a favourite tool for PR professionals and online marketers to promote […]

Swim, don’t sink… And ride the waves to success

This week the good, bad and the ugly of world politics and business meet on the slopes of Davos for their annual World Economic Forum crystal ball session. This means we can expect another barrage of mixed messages on what the future holds from ‘the experts’ and their interpreters from the business media.  Britain powers […]

25 amazing LinkedIn stats you can’t miss!

We’ve all heard of LinkedIn – it’s the world’s largest and most popular professional network or the equivalent of Facebook for the professional world. If you don’t know LinkedIn, you better head over and create a profile! The platform is predicted to grow massively and play an important role in the marketing activities of companies. […]

A PR Crisis? There’s No Reason to Have a Meltdown

We’ve all heard of human error. Because organisations are human-run entities they have the potential to make mistakes of varying scale from a temporary blip to major disaster and all colours of the spectrum in between. The results if not appropriately managed can damage the reputation and image of organisations and individuals connected with them. […]

Confessions of a PR professional: What is it really like to work in PR?

True Confessions: A million miles away from all the expensive lunches and glamorous product launches publicised by AdFab to a more pragmatic world where the driven and successful practitioner has to think on their feet and consistently deliver creative strategies… There are two things you must accept when you choose to enter into the PR profession: […]

PR – fit for the future?

Recently our CEO Guy Woodcock presented the findings of his Social Factors Workstream at the 2012 PRCA National Conference. The landmark industry conference focused on the issues surrounding The Future of the PR Industry, encompassing a full span of issues and factors from skills to globalisation, and Guy led the team responsible for examining social […]