2013 Top PR Tips from the Montpellier PR Team

As we hurtle towards the 2013 PR adviceNew Year, we thought we should share with you what we’ve learned over the past 12 months and offer you some tips for 2013 to help your business get a racing start.

We kick off this series with a PR surgery. Stay tuned for our social media tips coming soon too!


Tell the General what the general needs to hear, not what he wants to hear. That way he can deal with situations as they are. And the same goes in providing PR services (or any professional and advisory service). Have the courage to tell the client what needs to be said and you will be respected.


Never be afraid to challenge the client. They don’t want ‘yes people’; they want results that work for them!


Persistence is key! You may have had the same conversation with a journalist for several weeks, but they’re still not giving you the ‘yes’ answer you were hoping to secure after your first positive conversation. Devoting time and energy into building a good relationship with journalists will help to make them more familiar with you, your agency and your clients, which will eventually pay dividends and result in some great coverage. Following up after the initial call is imperative, as is pitching a creative story with a strong angle in a timely manner.


Be clear on journalists’ deadlines so that you don’t call them to sell in at the worst possible time, this is both considerate and demonstrates appreciation and knowledge of their publication. In addition to this, always be prepared – know your story, the publication and the readership inside and out ahead of selling in so that you can respond clearly and intelligently to any questions that may come your way. Finally, make sure that press, advertising and social media activity is joined up.


Don’t ignore new technology! Over the past few years PR professionals have been adapting to the use of social media, but there’s a new strong trend emerging – mobile. With people increasingly spending more time on their smartphones and tablets to find news, make purchase decisions, network with friends etc., the PR industry will have to yet adapt again. We’ll need to optimise content not only for SEO, online and social media, but also for mobile.


Don’t burn bridges, no matter how badly someone may have wronged you, in the future there may come a time when you will need something from them!

What would you add? Share in the comments section below!


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