2013 Top Social Media Tips from the Montpellier PR Team

In our previous blog post we offered2013 social media advice some useful PR tips for 2013.

Today we want to share with you our best practice advice for successful social media.


Don’t ignore Twitter! The platform is taking over from email in some fields of business.


No spam thanks maam! Always, always check what you RT (and any links) on Twitter or you could be in big trouble!


Don’t be afraid to become a geek. Social media is constantly changing and new platforms are arriving every month, which promise to be the latest craze. Regularly reading blogs and using the platforms for yourself helps you to understand the new kids on the block, before your clients are even aware of them, and continually develops your social media knowledge.


I would strongly suggest the use of the ‘Fill in the blank…..’ technique. This is an effective way of encouraging engagement, particularly if your page audience appears reluctant to comment at length or in detail. By filling in the missing word to complete the sentence that you’ve drafted to be relevant to your business, your Facebook followers are sharing their thoughts/experiences in a less intimidating way than posting directly on a public page. If your audience is currently ‘liking’ a lot of your posts but not yet ‘speaking’, then this could be the icebreaker that you’re looking for!


Focus on visuals! Over the past year platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram have shown some amazing growth. This only means that the use of photos, infographics and videos is quite effective to reach and engage with target audiences. Visual storytelling should be at the heart of any social media content strategy.


Keep everything short and to the point. Few people have the time (or concentration span) to read an essay of a post. Keep it short with an engaging photo to best get your point across!

What would you add? Share in the comments section below!


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